Thol lake



Thol lake is an artificial lake and bird sanctuary in Mehsana in Gujarat (India) .Thol┬áLake was establish as a water tank earlier whose motive was to provide irrigation facility to the farmers. It was establish in the 1912 by Gaekwad regime. Earlier the lake was under the control of maharajah’s of the Gujarat presently under the control of the government of the Gujarat state.


  • Thol lake provides shelter to many birds.
  • The marshes and trees on the sides surround the lake.
  • There are many migratory birds as well as residential birds.
  • The most noticed birds are the Sara’s crane moving around the lake with a dancing look.
  • The lake is a place where a person can be far from the maddening of the city and can enjoy the beauty of the nature.
  • The visiting hours of the lake are from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Sunday.
  • The entry fee for the lake is Rs.20 and Rs.25 on Sunday.
  • The lake gives a pleasant atmosphere to the humankind.
  • Thol lake is a worth spending the entire day.
  • The lake gives the virtual look of the behaviors of the lake.
  • Thol Lake gives humankind a great happiness where they can enjoy the greenery surrounded which is impossible to see today in the city.
  • The visitor can spend his/her time by clicking the pictures of the birds as the bird gives shelter to different types of birds.
  • The bird watcher can have the most remember able trip. A live view of the birds and its behavior.
  • The best way to travel to the lake is through the road ways which gives the look of the birds all through the way.
  • The visitor can hire a guide to know efficiently about the lake and the birds.

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