Fauna at thol lake


Flamingos in Thol bird sanctuary

Fauna at the lake

Fauna at Thol Lake gives a different look towards the lake. Basically Thol Lake is a bird sanctuary is located in Gujarat in Mehsana. The purpose of establishing this lake was to provide irrigation facility to the farmers. Fauna at Thol Lake gives a pleasant view over the lake. The lake provides shelter to thousands of birds and species. The people located near by the lake have a pleasant morning with the melodious chorus of the birds. Common teal, Northern pintail, White storks, greater flamingos and many more are the most found birds in lake during the winter and spring season.

The varieties of birds drive the tourist or the visitor mad. The lake also have some residential birds such as Indian roller,  purple sun-bird, darters, Drongos, grey and purple heron, purple swamp hen , ibises, green bee-eater. Humankind mad of the wildlife can have a pleasure time in the lake by capturing the behaviors of the different varieties of birds the entire day. Thol Lake gives the live view of the birds and it is worth to spend the entire day. Thol lake visiting cost is just Rs.20 i.e. Monday to Friday and Rs.25 on Sunday. The visiting hours of the lake are from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Thol Lake is the best weekend spot to visit where one can be stress free and enjoy the atmosphere. The migratory birds form different types of the pattern in the sky. To know in detailed about the bird and its behavior one can also hire a guide commonly found mammals in the lakes surroundings are Bluebell, black buck and jackals. The agricultural land surrounding the lake provides sufficient amount of food to the residential as well as migratory birds.

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