About Thol Lake



Thol Lake is bird sanctuaries establish in 1988, it was mostly build for the purpose of irrigation. The lake provides sufficient amount of food to the birds living there and also the migratory birds. Thol is a beautiful place where flocks of migratory birds create different patterns in the sky and cranes hunting for fishes or small insects.

The atmosphere is a pleasant one where a man can be far from the maddening of the city life. The lake gives shelter to many birds such as flamingoes, spoonbill, geese and pelicans. The best time to visit the lake is in the rainy season i.e. November to February. Spending the entire day in the lake is worth living, where once can enjoy the atmosphere of the lake and also the melodious voice of the birds. Humankind being crazy of wild life photography

Thol Lake is the best place for him/her to click the pictures and spend the entire day joyfully. Road way is the best way to travel towards the lake as it gives a beautiful view about the birds around. Visiting hours of the lake is from 6.00am to 6.00 pm, everyday. The entry fee to the Thol Lake is Rs.20 and Rs.25 on Sundays. A tourist can also hire a guide for better understanding of the lake. Thol Lake is located in Mehsana district in Gujarat which is 20km from Ahmadabad. Visitors can have accommodation in Ahmadabad which is approximately 30km from the central city. Thol Lake is a place to end up the weekend and relax from all the stress throughout the week.


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